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The Engineering and Sciences School, Universidad de Chile

Beauchef 851 was the most important infrastructure project than the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences that the University of Chile developed, after the construction of the School Building (Beauchef 850) in 1922. The complex has approximately 55,000 m2 of land, which expanded the infrastructure of the campus by 50%.


By Subway

From various points in the city it is possible to reach the Beauchef campus through the Metro network. The closest stations to the Faculty are Parque O'Higgins and Toesca, both of line 2.

When you get off at Parque O'Higgins station, exit and walk west. Then, cross the street towards a concrete esplanade, there is the entrance to the Park. You have to enter and cross it diagonally in a northeast direction to the Tupper street exit and walk west to the entrance located in Tupper 2007, where the Electrical Engineering building is located.

From Toesca station, a little further away, you must choose the exit in the west direction and walk a block through the street that gives the station its name, to Ejercito Libertador. Upon reaching this intersection, walk south on three blocks to Blanco Encalada Avenue. Once there, walk one more block to the west to the intersection with Vergara Street, then cross the Blanco Encalada Avenue to enter the Beauchef campus through the Geology building, located in Plaza Ercilla 803; or by Av. Blanco Encalada 2002, where the Civil and Geophysical Engineering Building is located.

By Bus (Micro in spanish)

Some Transantiago bus that pass through the Beauchef campus are: 506, from Maipú to Peñalolén, which passes through Av. Blanco Encalada. Useful for those who come from the communes of Maipú (Av. Pajaritos), Central Station (Av. April 5), Santiago Centro (Av. Matta), Ñuñoa (Av. Grecia) and Peñalolén (Av. Grecia).

Another route is 507, from Pudahuel to Peñalolén, which also passes through Blanco Encalada Ave. Useful for those who come from the communes of Pudahuel (Av. José Joaquín Pérez), Quinta Normal (Av. Mapocho and Av. Matucana), Santiago Centro (Av. Spain and Av. Matta), Ñuñoa (Av. Grecia) and Peñalolén ( Av. Greece).

For information on other routes, stops or connections visit this Transantiago tool.

By Bicycle

To arrive by bicycle there are some sections of bike paths that approach the Beauchef campus in streets such as the Equestrian Club or Matta Avenue in Santiago Centro.

Inside the Faculty there are several spaces for bicycle parking.

You can use this Biciculture tool to find out about alternative routes.

By Car

If you arrive by car, we inform you that so far the Beauchef campus does not have public indoor parking. However, in the surroundings there are spaces to park vehicles on public roads, such as Tupper Street, Admiral Latorre, José Miguel Carrera, Domeyko and Claudio Gay, among others.

To search for car travel alternatives, visit Google Maps.