Special Sessions

In order to organize a 90 minutes special session, we ask for the following requirements:

  1. Title of the special session and a background that justify it (6-8 lines).
  2. To ensure the participation of a key note speaker that will deliver the main presentation (20 min). The key note speaker is not obligated to submit a paper but they can do so. In the former case, they should follow LAGIRS guidelines provided in the author section (as invited paper can be up to 10 pages).
  3. To ensure the submission of four additional papers, according to the attached LAGIRS guidelines (up to 6 pages), that will be include as part of the session (15 min presentations).
  4. To organize a final round table with all 5 presenters to discuss and conclude about the session (30 min).

Please fulfil the form and send it via email to LAGIRS Organizers (lagirs2020@gmail.com), before 6 September 2019.